• DIY Macramé Beach Chair Makeover

    DIY Macramé Beach Chair Makeover

    I upcycled a pair of old beach chairs to give them a colourful makeover. Learn how you can create a pair of these woven beauties for yourself!
  • Dollhouse Makeover

    Dollhouse Makeover

    In this multi-part DIY series I'm renovating a vintage dollhouse, to create my dream home - made mini!

  • DIY Painted Wall Planner

    DIY Painted Wall Planner

    I love a bit of organisation in the studio! As a naturally disorganised person I’ve learned to lean on planners, lists and calendars to keep me on track with work and life commitments. I’ve got journals for exploring ideas, an...

  • DIY Lego Planter Pots

    DIY Lego Planter Pots

    Rebuild your LEGO sets into these colourful and cute planter pots!
  • DIY Christmas Window Decor

    DIY Christmas Window Decor

    Washi tape is all you need to create this colourful and festive Christmas window decor!
  • DIY Gifting: Woven Cup Holders

    DIY Gifting: Woven Cup Holders

    Create these woven cup holders using colourful and vibrant plastic cord. Perfect for summer beverages, they also make great handmade gifts!
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