DIY Lego Planter Pots

DIY Lego Planter Pots

Welcome to my DIY Gifting series! These projects and ideas are designed with gifting and Christmas in mind! In my opinion there's nothing more special and thoughtful than a handcrafted present, OR handmade holiday decor. This year I’m all about the handmade gifts and decorating my entire house with handmade decorations.

I’m so stoked to have teamed up with my friends at LEGO for this innovative gift idea. I wanted to create something totally out of the box that could be gifted, or inspire a gift recipient to create something similar. I came up with this concept after playing around with a couple of different brick sets sent to me by LEGO, and had so much fun experimenting and building these from scratch using just my imagination! 

 I used bricks from these 3 sets to create my planter pots

I’ve made many different kinds of planter pots as gifts before (painted, vinyl decals, paint-poured etc) but loved the idea of building one out of LEGO bricks! And I also like the idea that you can either gift someone the planter pot on it’s own, or the entire box of LEGO so they can create their own pot design.  For this gift idea I used a mix of bricks from the following sets:

  • LEGO Classic 1200 piece brick set
  • DOTS Designer set
  • DOTS Desk Organizer set

However, you could basically use any LEGO bricks you can find to create something similar, using my designs as inspo. You might even be able to find secondhand bricks online or at thrift stores and garage sales. 

I first used some square bricks and a flat square piece to create a base and stand for the planter pots, and then built up the edges of each pot using lines of bricks that were staggered outward to increase the overall size of the pot as they went up. 

To further build up the pot edges I used some big flat pieces from the DOTS Designer set. To top it all off I added a decorative element to one side of the planter pot using more DOTS and a dab of hot glue to secure it.

I love how these turned out, and experimenting with shapes and designs was a really fun process for me! If you’re keen to make some of these yourself I encourage you to see what designs you can come up with using the bricks or sets you have available to you. Maybe you’ll like them so much you’ll want to keep them for yourself, rather than give them as gifts… TBH I’m probably going to do the same! Happy Designing!

This post was sponsored by LEGO. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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