• DIY Forever Foliage Felt Plant

    DIY Forever Foliage Felt Plant

    Here’s a solution for all those plants you just can’t keep alive, no matter how hard you try. In this DIY project, learn how to make your very own indoor plant sculpture, made entirely from felt! Read More
  • DIY Painted Shoe Makeover

    DIY Painted Shoe Makeover

    If you've got a pair of old shoes lying around (perhaps destined for the charity bin), why not give them a colourful makeover with some special shoe paint?
  • DIY Paint-Poured Homewares

    DIY Paint-Poured Homewares

    Try this DIY using the popular technique of paint pouring to upcycle some vases and coasters and give them a psychedelic new look.
  • DIY Daisy Door Curtain

    DIY Daisy Door Curtain

    If you’re looking to breathe some life and colour into your home, try this stunning and simple home décor project that you can make using the Cricut Maker 3 and a few handy tools from your local craft and hardware stores.
  • DIY Mini Piñata Charms

    DIY Mini Piñata Charms

    If you’re familiar with my craft-based design work you’ll know that I LOVE making piñatas, so when I was invited by Who Gives A Crap toilet paper to turn their iconic patterned packaging into a DIY, I created these mini piñata charms! Here’s how to make them...
  • DIY Block Print Wall Hanging

    DIY Block Print Wall Hanging

    Want to try your hand at some printmaking but don’t have any fancy equipment? Here’s my go-to hack for making block prints from simple stationery store supplies.
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