• DIY Craft Cart Upcycle

    DIY Craft Cart Upcycle

    Create these simple vinyl decals to upcycle a plain craft cart (or other surface that needs some flair!), using a Cricut!
  • DIY Easy-sew Cushion Cover

    DIY Easy-sew Cushion Cover

    Cushions are a fantastic way to add character and colour to a room. This easy sewing project will add instant tropical vibes to your living room decor, and you can complete it in an afternoon!
  • Navigating Social Media Burnout

    Navigating Social Media Burnout

    With constant updates to how we’re expected to use it, annoying algorithms, and a deluge of content thrown at us constantly, social media can be an overwhelming place. Here’s some thoughts on how to navigate the burnout and find moments of respite in the endless scroll.
  • 3 Unique Ways To Find Work As A Creative

    3 Unique Ways To Find Work As A Creative

    What’s the best way to attract clients or customers as a working creative? The answer isn’t a one size fits all, but there are a few simple strategies you can use regardless of the type of work you’re into.
  • How To Reboot Your Creativity

    How To Reboot Your Creativity

    Embarking on a new phase in your creative journey? Give your creativity a reboot with these handy prompts.
  • DIY Macramé Beach Chair Makeover

    DIY Macramé Beach Chair Makeover

    I upcycled a pair of old beach chairs to give them a colourful makeover. Learn how you can create a pair of these woven beauties for yourself!
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