Project Walkthrough: Hey Tiger Chocolate Easter Packaging Design

Project Walkthrough: Hey Tiger Chocolate Easter Packaging Design

In mid 2020 we were invited by the amazing team at Hey Tiger Chocolate to design the packaging for their Easter 2021 chocolate range. Heralded as one of their most popular ranges of the year, the stakes were high and the designs needed to be something totally out of the ordinary! The result was a packaging collection with a unique craft-based aesthetic and the ability to be transformed into clever craft projects once all the chocolate was eaten. Here’s a look into our design process from concept phase through to final product.

Packaging design collection for the Hey Tiger Chocolate Easter 2021 campaign


The Hey Tiger team was very keen for us to apply our signature papercraft collage illustration style to the designs of the packaging. They also shared our interests and passion for upcycling and therefore added an extra level to the brief - where each chocolate packet could be transformed into a DIY craft project after use. The packaging designs needed to be beautiful and eye-catching on their own while also being designed strategically for easy transformation into the DIYs as well. Challenge accepted!

Early design mock ups for the packaging and their corresponding craft projects



Our primary inspiration for the packaging designs came from Kit's childhood memories visiting a family friend around Easter time to make traditional hand-dyed eggs. Her house was filled with tchotchkes from all over the world, including many beautiful examples of folk art. Kit drew on folk art themes for the designs, combined with colourways and common motifs used often across her work. 

Papercraft motifs in production

After designing and creating vectors of the various motifs, I used a computerised paper plotter to cut out each individual element. Each motif was then assembled by hand, photographed, then touched up in post-production. Finally, the photographed elements were composited digitally to create the final layouts for each design.   

Testing the DIY projects using packaging samples

Once the initial packaging samples were delivered from the printer I used them to develop and test the accompanying DIY craft projects to make sure each was achievable for a range of skill levels. 


Step-by-step DIYs were created for each chocolate box transformation

While the packaging was in final production it was time to generate content to compliment the chocolate range. We produced and edited a series of short instructional videos for YouTube detailing the DIY process for each chocolate box transformation. In addition, we created full step-by-step instructions for each project with accompanying imagery. The project was capped off with a campaign photoshoot, featuring jumbo versions of each DIY.

Behind the scenes of the campaign shoot

Oversized prop versions of the DIY projects



“We worked with Kit to create the collaboration of our dreams. From the first meeting, we knew we’d struck gold. We found someone who was approachable, reliable and who really cared about her craft. Kit thinks outside of the box every step of the way. She can transform a simple idea into something beyond your imagination. This was one of my favourite projects of all time. It was fun, collaborative and allowed us to be kids again. If you have the chance to work with Kit, do it!”



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