DIY Upcycled Plant Stand

DIY Upcycled Plant Stand

I LOVE an upcycle, don’t you? There’s something really adventurous and fun about taking something random and old, and remaking it into something brand new. So when I saw an old car spring on Facebook Marketplace for $5, an idea “sprang” to mind for a new project. This DIY is so easy and can be completed in under 30 minutes!

You will need
  • An old car spring (try Facebook Marketplace or your local recycling centre)
  • Coloured spray paint (and mask and gloves if you need!)
  • Degreasing spray or cleaner
  • Plant pot that fits inside the spring, and a plant

    Let’s make it!

    Watch the video for a full walkthrough, then follow these simple steps to create your vinyl decals

    1. First things first, clean your car spring! I used a degreaser spray to get rid of any oil and grime. If there’s glue or other yuck stuff on your car spring, you. might also need a scraper to get it off.

    2. Once the car spring is clean, it’s time to spray! To achieve an even coating of spray paint with no drips, I recommend holding the can about 30cm away and building up the coverage layer by layer.

    3. After your spring is painted and dry, all you need to do is place the planter pot inside, add your plant, and you’re done! A unique statement piece to add some colour to your favourite space.

    This project was made in collaboration with CraftPunk. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to explore our weekly creative vlogs and DIYs!


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